Automated Local Transfers

Reduce the time it takes to make your payments by 80%.

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Clearing invoices is as easy as sending an email


Track the status of all your payments in one dashboard


Automate to reduce errors in payouts

Our awesome features

Wasting time keying in vendor bank details?

Simply forward your bill payments to Spenmo- be it ₱1 or ₱1,000. Our system scans the invoice and carries out the payment.

Always wondering if your payment has reached your vendor?

Check the status of your payment easily in the Spenmo dashboard

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Increase security with Spenmo’s 1 Step Invoice Approval System

When turned on, submitted invoices will be assigned to an Admin for review. Admins can approve, reject transactions or reassign to another admin.

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Cheapest International Transfers

Spenmo offers 0% FX markup for payments to your overseas vendors.

Corporate Cards (coming soon)

Spenmo helps you empower all your employees with virtual and physical corporate cards.

Manage your business payments better today.

No annual fees
No setup fees
No maintaining balance
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Our awesome features